Direct Mail Sampling: 5 Reasons to Use SafeMailers

The best promotions are those that let customers experience products in their own hands. 

According to the Promotion Marketing Association, a whopping 75% of customers say they’ve become aware of a product through some sort of sample.

But while free samples usually conjure up images of grocery stores and mall kiosks, marketers may be surprised to learn they can attach a sample to their direct mail pieces too.

Direct mail sampling is a unique way to add value and generate awareness around a particular product. When done well, direct mail samplers deliver brand engagement motivating recipients to redeem coupons and make purchases.

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5 USPS Direct Mail Promotions to Take Advantage of in 2016

Each year, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) offers a series of promotional programs to help companies improve ROI for their direct mail campaigns.

This year, the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) has green lighted five promotional programs throughout 2016. While this year’s schedule looks similar to last year’s, it’s important to consider the dates of these programs to plan your campaigns and submit your registrations on time. 

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The chart below gives a general overview of the start and end dates for each promotion, broken up into first-class, standard and combined categories. We’ve also summarized some key details about each of the five programs below, along with links to their full descriptions if you’d like to learn more. 

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Digital Transformation and the Paperless Myth

As a person responsible for a service that helps our clients go digital, it may come as a surprise that I think the often-discussed “paperless office” is a myth.

Despite paperless predictions dating back to the 1960’s, I can tell you with certainty that I have not encountered a single organization that has achieved this ideal in 2016––more than 50 years later.

Given we have the technology to digitize the entire human communications process, you may wonder why.

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