5 Reasons to Choose UV Printing


We love UV printing. It cures fast, it’s high quality, it’s durable and it’s flexible.

While there are many ways to print, few match UV’s speed-to-market, environmental impact and color quality.

UV Printing 101

Ultraviolet (UV) printing uses a different type of ink than conventional print methods.

Instead of liquid ink, UV printing uses a dual-state substance which stays in liquid form until it’s exposed to UV light. When the light is applied to the ink during printing, it cures and dries under the lights mounted on the press.

When is UV Printing the right choice?

1. When environmental impact is a concern

Because evaporation is minimized,  there are far fewer emissions of volatile organic compounds into the environment compared to other inks.

UV printing uses a photomechanical process to cure the ink versus drying through evaporation.

2. When it’s a rush job

Since there is no evaporation process to wait around for, UV inks don’t bring the down times other inks do while they dry. This can save time and get your pieces into the market much more quickly.

3. When a specific look is desired

UV Printing is perfect for projects that need one of two looks:

    1. A crisp, sharp look on uncoated stock, or
    2. A satin look on coated stock

Of course, that doesn’t mean other looks can’t be accomplished. Talk to your printing rep to see if UV is right for your project.

4. When smudging or abrasion is a concern

The fact that UV printing dries instantly insures that regardless of how quickly you need the piece in hand, the work won’t be smudged and a UV coating can be applied to prevent abrasions.

5. When printing on plastic or non-porous substrates

UV inks can dry directly on the surface of materials. Since it’s not necessary for the ink solvent to absorb into the stock, UV makes it possible to print on materials that wouldn’t work with traditional inks.

UV coatings

In addition to UV inks, OneTouchPoint also offers UV coatings, which provide a high-gloss, wet look finish but also maintain color clarity and brightness over time.

UV coatings protect projects from abrasion which ensures color quality over longer periods of time and exposure.

If you need help identifying the right print tactic for your campaign, contact us today or request a quote on your next project. Our experts will provide insight and ideas to deliver phenomenal results at a great price.

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