6 Simple Ways to Combine Print and Social Media Marketing

Combining print and social media

Although they may seem like polar opposites, print and social media each have unique qualities that come together to create powerful multichannel campaigns.

Typically, the more channels you bring into a campaign, the tougher it is to keep your brand’s voice consistent between them. But with a few simple tips and tricks, it’s possible to leverage the offline benefits of print to drive online engagement on social media.

Using print to reach consumers outside the noisy web

Many marketers tend to avoid direct mail because of the cost. Yet research consistently demonstrates that direct mail outperforms other marketing tactics in terms of response rate.

Digital marketing, on other hand, typically costs far less, but results can be tough to achieve. Unlike competing with five or six other letters in the mailbox, consumers are bombarded with hundreds if not thousands of messages everywhere they go online.

This presents a huge opportunity for companies to cut through online clutter by inviting social engagement offline through the more direct print channel. According to Pitney Bowes, integrating print and digital communications boosts response rates for 76% for companies who try it.

Ready to give it a shot yourself? Here are 6 simple ways to integrate print and social media in your next campaign:

1: Add social follow buttons to your print pieces

While we’re used to seeing social follow buttons like these online, brands are increasingly using them to drive social engagement offline too.

From big blue Facebook logos plastered on the sides of food trucks to social links on the back of business cards, print offers a unique opportunity to get your offline recipients engaged online as well. Make sure to include URLs and account handles so users can find you right away.  

2: Include social comments and reviews

In addition to inviting recipients to follow you online, go a step further and show them what people are saying on Twitter, Facebook, or other social platforms you use to connect.

This is a quick and compelling way to use social proof to built trust through your campaign.

3: Use URLs, QR codes And clickable paper to bridge the online gap

If you’re using print to get people active online, shortened URLs, scannable QR codes and clickable paper (a technology that allows you to point your smartphone camera at something and instantly be taken somewhere online) are all great ways to make it incredibly fast and easy to get your recipients connecting to social profiles, websites or resources online.

4: Communicate exclusivity in your calls-to-action

When promoting your online presence, don’t use vague CTAs. Use exclusivity to compel your recipients to take action. “Get Exclusive Deals” works far better than “Learn More.”

5: Create special offers just for new social followers

Give people a reason to follow you. Special offers work wonders for boosting response rates on print materials.

6: Promote social campaigns through direct mail

Companies that market themselves across multiple channels have significantly higher success rates. Integrating offers and messaging increases the response rate for both channels and ensures customers are made aware of your offers no matter what channels they use.

Have you used cross-platform campaigns to drive results? We’d love to hear your story in the comments below. Looking for unique ideas on driving social engagement for your business? Talk to us about building a strategy that fits your audience.

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