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No matter what sector of the healthcare industry you inhabit, reaching customers can be frustrating when complicated legal regulations prevent you from following through with your best ideas.

At OneTouchPoint, we understand how challenging healthcare marketing can be. That’s why we’ve built a system to address the limitations imposed by state and federal regulators with a robust corporate review and approval process. Our suite of marketing and communications services make it easy to organize your network of sales representatives, administrators, stakeholders, managers and physicians and impose configurable restrictions on the materials they can create, ensuring all materials can be customized while maintaining corporate and legal requirements.

OneTouchPoint for Healthcare Providers

Keep information secure

Protected servers, user-defined access levels and administrative controls allow you to manage information and assets securely.

Manage your campaigns across channels

Cross-media marketing tools allow you to pinpoint your messaging to reach specific, targeted audiences across multiple channels. 

Improve your time to market

Automated digital media supply chains make it easier to plan, create, deliver marketing materials faster and more effectively.

Personalize your communication

From personalized direct mail pieces to powerful email marketing tools, our solutions help healthcare providers grow and retain their subscriber and patient bases with personal communications.