Eliminate the barriers to growth by streamlining your message delivery system.

In addition to mounting pressure to innovate and expand their offerings, today's manufacturers face a sea of challenges when going to market with complex products and equipment. Whether it's capturing consumer attention in new markets or driving repeat business by strengthening existing relationships, manufacturers are increasingly taking steps to standardize and simplify their messages using advanced enterprise marketing communication systems.

At OneTouchPoint, we've built a marketing communications solution that addresses the complexities preventing manufacturers from reaching their full potential. Powerful media building tools, production capabilities and delivery systems are specifically designed to simplify and eliminate inefficiencies in the marketing supply chain. From printing high-quality manuals to generating showroom traffic with eye-catching signage and print materials, our suite of marketing communications solutions gives manufacturers the robust message delivery system they need to deliver the right message at the right time through the right channels––all while reducing costs and time-to-market.

Onetouchpoint for manufacturers

Simplify your complex marketing supply chain

Tear down the silos that keep you from marketing your products effectively. OneTouchPoint's powerful communications solution makes it easy to plan, create and deliver consistent compelling campaigns across multiple channels.

Empower your network

Custom media building tools help your distributors and brokers build their business, in turn growing your own - all while maintaining brand messaging, consistency, and legal compliance.

Save costs

As a single-source supplier, we take a holistic view of your communications strategy. We identify the best mix of services, channels and offerings to optimize your spend and increase your results. Typically we can save an organization 20% - 30% in communications expense while delivering deep insight into the mix, frequency, and source of total dollars spent.