Cultivate and grow your network of givers.

Effective communication is key to increasing awareness and compelling supporters to take action. Whether it’s building an identity through branding or sharing your vision of the future with a clear and concise message, nonprofits need a better way to create and foster the connections that help them reach their goals while maintaining stable financial footing along the way.

At OneTouchPoint, we’ve built a marketing communications system that does just that. By combining an easy-to-use, single-source marketing communications system with end-to-end supply chain management, we give nonprofits the multi-channel marketing capabilities they need to inspire action among givers while making the most of their marketing dollars.

Onetouchpoint for non-profits

Create and deliver cross-channel campaigns

From traditional print media to today’s emerging digital channels, we help you deliver your message to audiences across multiple channels.

Grow your contact list

Our data appends and segementation strategies can help identify your most valuable prospects, including those most likely to give.

Inspire goal-oriented actions

We make communication personal. By using variable data and personalization - your campaigns become relevant, personal and inspiring - turning awareness into engagement.