Marketing Automation

Get the best of both worlds: flexibility and control through one simple system.

For Team Members

U.Connect has many capabilities but the goal is simple: More control over your communications. With greater access to the tools they need and insight into what works, your team members can create targeted, personalized communication while maintaining brand consistency and messaging.

For Prospects

In today’s world, buyers expect easy access to information as soon as they start looking for it. For companies, that means getting in front of prospects early to establish expertise, educate, inform and compel them toward purchase. OneTouchPoint's U.Connect does just that. Whether it’s printed publications, corporate marketing collateral, promotional items, cross-media campaigns or social media, we connect all of your communication efforts with a simple, intuitive interface providing end-to-end management across your organization.

Introducing U.Connect: A modular, integrated business communication solution designed to:

  • Electronically manage procurement, print production, ordering, and fulfillment activities surrounding printed documents and marketing collateral.
  • Provide digital storefronts for your employees, distributors, field reps, and customers to order corporate literature and create customized documents on-demand.
  • Manage and distribute digital assets including images, video, and art files.
  • Develop, distribute, and track cross-media marketing campaigns.

Powerful marketing automation features

Cross media marketing

Create one-to-one cross media campaigns with personalized print, PURLs, HTML e-blasts, mobile message, QR codes and social media integration.

Print & Fulfillment management

Streamline the print management process from design to delivery with custom online storefront procurement, print production, ordering and fulfillment management for printed documents, marketing collateral, promotional items and more.

Web2Print & Personalized Print-On-Demand

Create and order customized documents on-demand with configurable digital storefronts and convenient payment options.

Digital asset management

Manage and distribute corporate images, video, and art files and through powerful marketing workflows from one central location.